Bed bugs: These are not just part of a silly rhyme you hear before bed. The common bed bug is a persistent pest known for its blood-feeding behavior that leads to itchy bites and discomfort. Bed bugs, despite their nuisance, do not transmit diseases. However, they can still pose public health concerns, necessitating vigilant prevention and control efforts. The recent surge in bed bug incidents in the US may be attributed to increased travel, limited awareness about infestation prevention, pesticide-resistant bugs, and ineffective pest management practices.

For eliminating bed bugs we recommend a narrow-spectrum insecticide labeled specifically for Bed bugs and for use on furniture/bedding. Some prep work is required and dependent on a few factors. This service may require more than one follow-up treatment to ensure the highest efficacy and includes a 6-month warranty applicable to treated sites. This service requires an inspection to provide an accurate quote.

Bed Bugs